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Advantages S-GIV

Sabine Müller

We grant you access to specific location benefits in the region


Loading bridge

A loading bridge is a steel construction built on ramps to enable the loading and unloading of ...

Rely on our experience & commercial property

Utilize possibilities, realise chances

S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover Naturally we are especially pleased about appreciation from neutral parties: for the BulwienGesa AG in Berlin for example, the Hanover region belongs to the future winners under the thirteen most important German property locations.

In this region we are active, here we make a difference and provide convincingly effective solutions. In the 21 communities in the Hanover region there are more than 80 attractive commercial parks. You should be able to find exactly what you are looking for – providing of course, that you have a partner such as the S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover GmbH (S-GIV), who have the ability to implement your individual requirements in the best  possible way.

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