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Advantages S-GIV

Henrik Homberg

First-class contact to relevant decision makers and market participants


Distribution facilities

Distribution facilities serve the distribution of goods by combining the basic functions of ...

Direct connection to many clients

As a 100% affiliated company of the Sparkasse Hannover, the S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover GmbH (S-GIV) is integrated into a powerful, Europe-wide network with access to first class contacts right up to the deciding levels in global player companies.

In close partnership with significant local and regional economic development stakeholders, the S-GewerbeImmobilienVermittlung Hannover GmbH regularly presents itself at the EXPO REAL in Munich, the leading trade fair for the commercial property industry. We advise and support all forms of logistic companies: shipping and parcel services, trade fair and event organisation, food and non-food trading companies, project developers and private investors, national and international investment businesses – and we have close personal contact with many of our clients.