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Advantages S-GIV

Dieter Casper, Managing Director

Successfully active far beyond the borders of the Hanover region


Distribution facilities

Distribution facilities serve the distribution of goods by combining the basic functions of ...

Location Hannover

Region Hanover includes Hanover State Capital with 20 outlying municipalities and com-munities (of which 10 medium-sized centres).

Hanover is located at the intersection of major north-south and east-west European traffic arteries. Excellent motorway connections provide fast access to conurbations like Hamburg, Berlin and the Ruhr area. Hanover International Airport is fully integrated in the global air traffic network with many direct national and international connections.

Business promotion in the region focuses on automotive, ITC technologies, production en-gineering, logistics and the energy industry.

Hanover boasts an international fair ground (CeBIT, Hanover Industry Fair, CeMAT and
IAA commercial vehicles).

Source: Property market 2010.